Fxnet.TRADE doing everything possible to protect the privacy, confidentiality and security of its customers saved both during their interaction with the company, and then, in the highest degree attainable now.

1. When visitors register on Fxnet.TRADE, they confirm their willingness to share with the company of some personal information, which we use to verify your identity if necessary.

2. Our visitors undertake to provide us with true, up to date and accurate information regarding their identity. In addition, they are required to declare unequivocally that they are registered in their own name and do not intend in any sort was a time to act in any manner of means, which may be considered as fraudulent and are not going to pretend to be another person for whatever however any other purpose whatsoever otherwise.

3. Fxnet.TRADE data collection procedures include the collection of information voluntarily disclosed by the client, divided now, in addition to placing the cookie-files in order to collect data concerning the order of the client interaction with the website. These collect customer information tools are used to ensure the personal safety of visitors and all information collected by the company, is shared only with the owners of the company with the sole purpose of ensuring privacy and security.

4. Fxnet.TRADE never will divulge whatever personal or other confidential information with respect to our customers or former customers to third parties without the express written permission of our visitors, except for certain cases where such disclosure is required by law or necessary for other reasons for authentication of the individual visitor to protect their account and store their private information.

5. By registering on Fxnet.TRADE voluntarily and interacting with products and services Fxnet.TRADE, the visitor confirms their consent to the use of all or part of the information provided by them with respect to Fxnet.TRADE All interactions with a company that produced a visitor will be retained by the purpose of accounting and therefore it can be used by the company in cases of disputes between the visitor and Fxnet.TRADE

6. Fxnet.TRADE doing everything possible to ensure the confidentiality of personal information of its visitors, including the implementation of data protection procedures to protect customer privacy. Fxnet.TRADE provides a regular update of its policy on data protection to ensure the continued protection of confidential customer information.

7. From time to time Fxnet.TRADE can communicate with visitors on the phone or email to provide them with more information about Fxnet.TRADE or trading in the financial markets. In addition, from time to time, the Company may be contacted with the visitor over the phone or an email, in order to provide information about the unique promotional offers provided Fxnet.TRADE. Visitors agree to such contacts, when they accept our terms of use for registration on Fxnet.TRADE Anyone wishing to desist from further contacts with Fxnet.TRADE can do this, simply contact the company by phone or email with the request not to make more contacts from the behalf of the company.